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Our Pharmaceutical Comprehensive Services

Octavius Pharma dedicatedly partners with you to deliver excellent results in all your pharmaceutical endeavors. Our diverse and specialized services are customizable to cater to your unique pharmaceutical requirements. Our commitment to innovation and excellence reflects in our pursuits and comprehensive service offerings.

Each of our services are strategically designed to ensure sustainable results and success graph for our clients in the ever-changing pharmaceutical landscape. From Formulation Development and Technology Transfer to Contract Manufacturing, and Raw Material Outsourcing, all our services are tailored to take your ventures a notch higher consistently in the pharmaceutical industry.

With Octavius Pharma, you can be rest assured that we will be much more than just service providers. We become your collaborative partner and take each of your requirements as our very own thereby amplifying your potential whilst maintaining best quality and fostering excellence in every pharmaceutical endeavor.

We go beyond the standard expectations of merely delivering services as requisite. Instead we co-create. We find solutions with our innovative methodologies at par with industry standards and pave your way to pharmaceutical success. Partner with Octavius Pharma for a transformative experience where excellence, quality, and innovation meets dedicated collaboration. We ensure that all your pharmaceutical aspirations are met most effectively and also exceed with time.

Formulation Development

Develop quality, innovative, and customized pharmaceutical products and segments with our formulation development service.


Transfer pharmaceutical products and processes with quality, compliance, and security with our pharma technology transfer service.


Manufacture diverse and quality-assured pharmaceutical products and solutions with our contract manufacturing service.

Raw Material

Outsource procurement of pharmaceutical and food supplement products with collaboration, compliance, and cost-effectiveness with our raw material outsourcing service.


Why Choose Us?


Strict Quality

Our cornerstones throughout for the past 40 years have remained firm and hence driven us to the peak of the pharmaceutical industry.

Roxithromycin DC Granules

Wide Product

Our portfolio is diverse, including not only pharmaceutical finished formulations and food supplements but also Pellets, DC granules, Veterinary, Herbal Extracts and Cosmetics.


Global Standards’

A milestone achievement came in the form of alignment with WHO GMP standards since 2010. Our R&D lab is DSIR Approved and ISO certified.

R&D Center

Legacy of

We have methodically developed more than 250 products based on research excellence, highly skilled production team, robust testing standards and rigorous process and equipment validation.

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