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Pharmaceutical Pellets Manufacturers in India

At Octavius Pharma Pvt. Ltd., we redefine pharmaceutical excellence through a diverse range of product offerings. This commitment has turned us into one of the leading pharmaceutical pellets manufacturers in India. Our pharma pellets are engineered with extreme precision whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our continuous research, backed by innovative technologies, has made us one of the most renowned pellet manufacturers on the world map. The state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Octavius Pharma employs strategic technology to cater to the specific and even niche requirements and produce a diverse range of pellets, micro-pellets, and MUPS (Multi-Unit Pellet System).

Your Reliable Partner for Pharmaceutical Pellets in India

When it comes to pharmaceutical pellets, we stand as your trusted partner. Octavius Pharma Pvt. Ltd. is your one-stop destination for all your pharmaceutical pellet manufacturing needs. Experience excellence in every pharma pellet that we manufacture.

Applications and Industries

Our methodically crafted pellets find their rightful applications in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. These pellets are versatile and hence utilized by formulation manufacturers in the production of different medicines, including capsules and tablets. The inclusion of pellets becomes important in due course of the pharma production as it ensures accurate dosage delivery as well as enhanced drug release profiles.

Quality Standards and Certifications

We strictly and dedicatedly adhere to international quality standards. Our manufacturing processes are compliant with WHO GMP and ISO certifications, and with our unwavering commitment to quality, our pellets guarantee purity and efficacy. We believe in delivering our best as the most trusted pharmaceutical pellets manufacturers, and maintaining the highest degree of quality is non-negotiable in this regard.

Research and Innovation

With a wide range of standard pharmaceutical pellets, we also work closely with clients on custom projects. With our innovative techniques, we are able to accommodate the specific requirements. Our R&D Lab is well-equipped to handle huge demands as well as cater to unique custom requests, ensuring perfect alignment with the exact needs of our valued clients.

Environmental Responsibility

Octavius Pharma is deeply committed to environmental responsibility, and our team works in complete compliance with all environmental norms and regulations set by the Government of India and international bodies. Our manufacturing practices reflect our commitment to sustainability and are designed in a manner that the environmental footprint is minimal to negligible.

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Pellets Product List Download product list

Sr NoProductsForm of PFIs*Therapeutic CategoryDocumentation Availability
1Fortified Micro-Nutrient Liposomal iron-Oil (Vitamin-D3, Iron, Folic acid) Topical Massage Oil Multivitamin Product DMF in CTD Format
2Budesonide DR Pellets & Nano particles 0.25%, 0.5% 0.88% Pellets ( for Capsule) Nano particles (for suspensions) Anti-Asthamatic DMF in CTD Format
3Dabigatran Pellets 35%, 40% Pellets (for capsules) Direct Thrombin Inhibitor DMF under compilation
4Nicardipine Pellets 22% Pellets (for capsules) Anti-Hypertensives DMF under compilation
5Pancreatin EC Pellets 70% (Bovine & Porcine) Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) Digestant DMF in CTD Format
6Tamsulosin HCL SR Pellets (USP43) 0.125%, 0.13%, 0.16%, 0.20% Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) Alpha-Blockers DMF in CTD Format
7ltraconazole IR Pellets 22%, 44% (BP20 & USP43) Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) Anti-fungal DMF in CTD Format
8Aprepitant Pellets 40% (USP43) (Note: offer patent Non-infringing product) Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) AntiemeticDMF in CTD Format
9Duloxetine HCL EC Pellets 17%, 20% (USP43) Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) Anti-Depressant DMF in CTD Format
10Venlafaxine SR Pellets 32%, 33% (USP43) Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) Anti-Depressant DMF in CTD Format
11Mesalamine SR Pellets/granules (USP43) 60%, 70%, 90% & 96.38% Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) Granules (for Tablets) Anti-lnflammatory DMF in CTD Format
12Mebeverine HCL SR pellets (USP43) 76%, 80% Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) Anti-lnflammatory DMF in CTD Format
13Diclofenac Sodium SR Pellets 30%, 31.25% Pellets (for capsules) Anti-lnflammatory DMF in CTD Format
14Tacrolimus IR Pellets (USP43) 0.5%, 1%, 5% Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) ImmunosuppressantDMF in CTD Format
15Sirolimus Granules (USP43) 0.3%. 0.6%, 1.2% Granules (for Tablets) Immunosuppressant DMF in CTD Format
16Everolimus Granules (USP43) 2.68% & 5% Granules (for Tablets) ImmunosuppressantDMF in CTD Format
17Brinzolamide Opthalmic solution 1% Nano particles (for Ophthalmic. suspensions) Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitor DMF under compilation
18Nab-PacIitaxeI Nano Particles 5% Nano particles (for Injections) Mitotic Inhibitor (oncology) DMF in CTD Format
19Dipyridamole ER Pellets 42.5% Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) AnticoagulantsDMF under compilation
20Lansoprazole EC Pellets/ MUPS 8.5%, 12.5% Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) MUPS (for Tablets) Anti-Ulcerant (PPls) DMF in CTD Format
21Dexlansoprazole DDR Pellets 17%, 20%, 22.5%, 23% Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) Anti-Ulcerant (PPls) DMF in CTD Format
22Esomeprazole mg. tri. EC Pellets/ MUPS / Granules (USP43) 8.5%, 22.5& Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) MUPS (for Tablets) Anti-Ulcerant (PPls) DMF in CTD Format
23Pantoprazole EC Pellets 15% (USP43) Pellets (for capsules) Anti-Ulcerant (PPls) DMF in CTD Format
24Omeprazole EC Pellets (USP43) 8.5%, 12.5%, 20%, 22%, 30% Pellets/Micro pellets (for capsules) Anti-Ulcerant (PPls) DMF in CTD Format
25Orlistat Pellets (In-house & USP 43) 50% (Note: Offer patent Non-infringing product) Pellets/Extrudes (for capsules) Anti-Obesity DMF in CTD Format
26Clarithromycin Taste masked Granules (USP43) 27.5%, 30%, 33%, 42% & 43.75% Granules (for suspension) Macrolide Antibiotic DMF in CTD Format

NOTE: Products protected by ongoing Patents are not offered for commercial supplies.
*PFIs - Pharmaceutical Formulation Intermediates

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