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Pharmaceutical Generic Medicine Manufacturers in India

As one of the leading generic medicine manufacturers in India today, Octavius Pharma Pvt. Ltd. has been on a relentless journey of excellence since 1980.

We hold on to the commitment of delivering top-quality pharmaceuticals, semi-finished products like Direct Compressible granules (DC granules), food supplements, pellets, and formulations globally. After taking a humble step initially, with consistent efforts backed by deep research, we have come at the forefront on world map as the finest bulk drug manufacturers in India and key export markets across Africa, Asia, CIS countries, and other MENA countries including regions like Algeria, the Middle East, Latin America, Central America, and Southeast Asia. We steer clear of our counterparts with:

  • Strict Quality Control
  • Innovation and Research
  • Embraced Global Standards
  • Seamless delivery systems






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Why Choose Us?


Strict Quality

Our cornerstones throughout for the past 40 years have remained firm and hence driven us to the peak of the pharmaceutical industry.


Wide Product

Our portfolio is diverse, including not only pharmaceutical finished formulations and food supplements but also Pellets, DC granules, Veterinary, Herbal Extracts and Cosmetics.


Global Standards’

A milestone achievement came in the form of alignment with WHO GMP standards since 2010. Our R&D lab is DSIR Approved and ISO certified.

R&D Center

Legacy of

We have methodically developed more than 250 products based on research excellence, highly skilled production team, robust testing standards and rigorous process and equipment validation.

At Octavius Pharma Pvt. Ltd., our core values are the backbone of our identity as one of the top-rated generic manufacturing companies in India. These values define us and our commitment to excellence.


Sustaining the highest ethical standards, transparency, and honesty in everything we do.


Producing innovative and high-quality products for our customers adds to the trust we share.


Maintaining quality is our priority and passion as we keep raising the bar with every product and service.

We want to advance healthcare continuously with superior-quality pharmaceuticals and food supplements and provide cutting-edge solutions for formulation development.


With innovation, we cater to developing ground-breaking solutions backed by deep research that enhance the quality of health and improve the lives of people.


With our consistent efforts, we have been able to transcend geographical boundaries and touch the lives of people globally.


Our research technologies stay updated and we strive to be on the path of learning always to improvise, embrace change, and meet evolving needs.

Our dynamic and visionary efforts are reflected in the way we do business with a customer-centric approach, quality, and innovation.


We are proud to be the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in India. Our product range includes Direct Compressible Granules (DC granules), pellets, and pharmaceutical finished formulations.

Food Supplements

We craft our food supplements (health, nutritional, dietary, herbal, ayurvedic supplements, and more) with extreme precision to support diverse nutritional needs. We have become a reliable entity for nutritional solutions owing to our dedication to quality and safety standards.

Formulation Development

Our expertise lies in creating custom formulations to address specific needs. Our research and development efforts keep us at the forefront of the list of pharmaceutical innovators.


Management Team

Octavius Pharma - Kirtan Padia

Mr. Kirtan Padia

Marketing Director

Instrumental in shaping the company’s foundation, with a deep-rooted passion for healthcare excellence, he has aligned the company’s goal with a visionary approach to becoming a global leader in healthcare industries. 

Octavius Pharma - Nirali Padia

Dr. Nirali Padia

Technical Director

One of the Co-founders of Octavius Pharma with a great appetite for research and formulation development she has been instrumental in building up the company’s product portfolio

Octavius Pharma - Deepak Padia

Mr. Deepak Padia


One of the Co-founders of Octavius Pharma he has been the key guiding force behind the strategies for the growth Octavius Pharma.


Global Presence


Peru, Columbia, Honduras, El Salvador, Ecuador, Paraguay, Mexico, Bolivia, Guatemala, Jamaica


Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Nigeria, Sudan, Ghana, Uganda, Egypt, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ivory Coast

Southeast Asia

Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Hongkong, Philippines

Middle East

Lebanon, UAE, Iraq, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan


Azerbaijan, Belarus, Uzbekistan, Russia

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