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When it comes to herbal extracts, Octavius Pharma Pvt. Ltd. stands out as the leading herbal extract manufacturer in India. It is our mission to deliver quality products while completely adhering to regulatory standards. We offer a diverse range of herbal extracts to meet a variety of consumer needs, thus making us the most preferred choice in the industry.

Unique Features of Octavius Pharma’s Herbal Extracts

  • Purity: Our herbal extracts are devoid of any contaminants, making them pure and effective formulations.
  • Efficacy: Meticulous testing procedures ensure the potency of our herbal extracts across a wide-ranging array of applications.
  • Sustainability: We take environmental conservation and sustainability very seriously. Each of our products is sourced and manufactured as per the environmental guidelines./

Our Herbal Extracts Offering

We are exporters of herbal extracts with wide-ranging collaborations across India. Our diverse range of products is created with extreme precision and due diligence to meet the requirements of fully and partially regulated markets. Our products are economically priced and we also provide detailed support documents to ensure transparency for every transaction. This also makes us the most reliable manufacturer of herbal extracts in India.

Regulatory and Quality Standards

At Octavius Pharma, we strictly adhere to internationally acknowledged regulations and quality standards. Our operations comply with WHO GMP, ISO 9001:2015, and HALAL standards. These certifications showcase our unwavering commitment to manufacturing herbal extracts that conform to global benchmarks for efficacy, safety, and quality.

Extraction Process

We employ a systematic extraction process to obtain our herbal extracts without violating the inherent properties of the respective herb. With our advanced cutting-edge technologies, we ensure maximum bioavailability and utility in each extract.

Get in Touch

You can drop us an email to learn more about our herbal extracts and to discuss your specific requirements at

Octavius Pharma is completely devoted to providing quality herbal solutions for serving the diverse needs of our valuable clients. 

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Standardized Herbal Extracts List Download product list

Sr NoProductScientific Name
1Amla ExtractEmblica officinalis
2Arjuna ExtractTerminalia arjuna
3Ashwagandha ExtractWithania somnifera
4Bitter Melon / Gourd ExtractMomordica charantia
5Black Pepper / Piperine ExtractPiper nigrum
6Boswellia ExtractBoswellia serrata
7Brahmi ExtractBacopa monnieri
8Cinnamon ExractCinnamomum zeylanicum
9Cissus ExtractCissus quadrangularis
10Curcumin / Turmeric ExtractCurcuma longa
11Garcinia ExtractGarcinia Cambogia
12Ginger ExtractZingiber officianale
13Green Coffee ExtractCoffea robusta / arabica
14Green Tea ExtractCamellia sinensis
15Guggul ExtractCommiphora mukul
16Gymnema ExtractGymnema sylvestre
17Holy Basil / Tulsi ExtractOcimum sanctum
18Jamun ExtractEugenia jambolana
19Menthol / Peppermint ExtractMentha piperita
20Moringa ExtractMoringa olifera
21Papaya Leaf ExtractCarica papaya
22Pomegranate ExtractPunica granatum
23Shatavari ExtractAsparagus racemosus
24Shilajit ExtractAsphaltum punjabianum
25Tinospora ExtractTinospora cordifolia
26Tribulus ExtractTribulus terrestris
27Triphala ExtractTriphala (Emblica officinalis, Terminalia bellerica, Terminalia chebula)

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