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Sycal Capsules

Potent Litholytic

Herbal Capsules for Kidney Stones

Packing 3 x 10 Capsules in a Box
Dosage Form Capsule
Benefits Useful in the management of Renal Calculi, Burning Micturition, Mild UTI
Ingredients Gokshurak Extract, Pashanbhed Extract, Punarnava Extract, Varunbark Extract, Kalthi Extract, Apamarg Extract, Hajrool yahood Bhasma Powder, Chandraprabha Powder, Shuddha Shilajita Powder
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Sycal Capsule is a Multi-ingredient formulation that possess Anti-lithiatic & Lithotriptic properties. It contains Ayurvedic formulations like Hajrool yahood bhasma, Chandraprabha & Shuddha Shilajita & other Natural Ingredients. It prevents formation of kidney stones and dissolves stones which are present. It prevents accumulation, deposition and super saturation of stone elements in urine.

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