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Rumosh Liniment

Relieves Pain~Renews Hope!

Pain Relief Liniment / Oil

Packing 50 ml in PET Bottle
Dosage Form Liniment
Benefits Restores Mobility & Relieves Musculo-Skeletal Pain with Deeper & Faster Penetration.
Ingredients Maha Narayan Oil, Rasna Panchamrit Oil, Gandha Biroja Oil, Castor Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Wintergreen Oil, Camphor, Cinnamon, Pippermint Oil, Clove Oil, Syzygiu, Nutmeg Oil, Cinnmon oil, Ajwain Phool
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Rumosh Liniment is 100% Natural which contains 10+ Essential Oils. The main ingredients of formulation are Mahanarayan Oil, Rasna Panchamrit Oil & Gandha Biroja Oil. It Restores Mobility & Rapidly Relieves Musculo-Skeletal Pain with Deeper & Faster Penetration. It also Promotes Healthy Muscles & Tendons, Soothes Pain, Stiffness & Inflammation.

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