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Ovisun D3 Capsules / Softgels

For Bone, Joint And Muscle Health!

Vitamin D3 Capsules / Softgels

Packing 60 Capsules in HDPE bottle
Dosage Form Capsule / Softgel
Benefits Helps in Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia and Osteopenia and Calcium Deficiency in case of Pregnant, Nursing or Menopausal Women.
Ingredients Vitamin D3 1000 / 2000 / 5000 / 10000 / 50000 / 60000 IU
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Ovisun D3 capsule is a nutritional supplement that helps in the proper growth and development of bones and keeps the bones and joints healthy. Ovisun D3 also increases the absorption of calcium from the intestine. Vitamin D3 is also Known to help maintain adequate levels of two minerals essential for bone health, calcium and phosphorus. It also enables the body to preserve bone health.

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