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Magnesium & Vitamin B6 Capsules

Miracle Mineral For Healthy Muscles And Nervous System

Muscle and Neurons Repair Capsules

Packing 60 Capsules in HDPE Bottle
Dosage Form Capsule
Benefits Suupplement for Muscle repair and nervous system
Ingredients Magnesiuum Oxide, Vitamin B6
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Magnesium+Vitamin B6 Capsule provides the benefits of all 3 magnesium salts. It helps to relieve muscle tightness, tingling or numbness in limbs and muscular aches due to physical exteriors which are often a sign of low magnesium levels in the body. Higher intakes of magnesium are associated with better bone density of the hip and shine. In addition to relaxing muscles, magnesium also relaxes blood vessels, which help maintain healthy blood pressure, support heart health and help sleep better. It promotes muscle recovery and bone strength. Regular consumption supports cardiovascular function. It helps maintain blood sugar levels.

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