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Frelax Laxative Granules

Relaxes Overnight!

Psyllium Husk Herbal Laxative Powder

Packing 100 gm HDPE Bottle
Dosage Form Oral Powder
Benefits Relieves Occasional or Habitual Constipation
Ingredients Plantago ovata, Astoneman indicum, Tamarindus indica, Citrus lemon, Saccharum officinarum
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Frelax is 100% Natural Bulk Laxative for treatment of Constipation that contains Psyllium Husk Powder, Sajikhar, Tamarind, Lemon & Sugar. It works by Softening the Stools that helps in easy passage of stool. It relieves Occasional or Habitual Constipation, Constipation due to Old Age or Sedentary Lifestyle. Its available in Orange Flavour.

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